AirAsia Malaysia website access is back

Post covid, when flights had to be canceled world wide, airlines refunded money paid for canceled flights in the form of credit points. I had a few tickets on AirAsia that I had booked in Feb 2020

  • AMD-KUL for 502 INR
  • Vizag to Perth for 7000 INR
  • Melbourne to Vizag for some 9000 INR
  • KUL to Penang for 200 INR
  • Penang to KUL for 200 INR
  • Flight to Cambodia some 3000 INR


As covid eased and I was looking to check my credit points, it was no longer possible. Air Asia India was looking to separate from Air Asia Malaysia. I could not access my Air Asia Malaysia account from India and all my points were gone

I had written about this issue in an earlier post. Read here , here and here

Now things have improved

Air Asia India is using and is used by Malaysian parent. I am able to access AirAsia Malaysia website from India and I could see some credits worth 15000 INR.

Some domestic flights and flights to Cambodia etc operated as per schedule though I couldn’t reach Malaysia to board those flights. So I was not given any credit for these flights. But I was given credits for few India outbound flights, after some deductions.

Pre covid for 15000 INR I could go till Bali, Philippines etc. But now everything is expensive. Even a return ticket to Thailand or Malaysia costs around 20000 on normal days.

So I wasn’t sure what to do with these 15000 points. I am sure they won’t stay there forever- one fine day AirAsia will expire those credit points and I will be left with nothing. (Already 3 years since booking). So I had to book something in hurry.

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