ANA "Sale" India to Japan for 97500 INR return is 4x pre covid price!

 Japan is opening up to tourists and ANA Japan is resuming India operations. But what is surprising is the 4x increase in price. ANA was selling India-Japan ticket for as low as 22-25k when they launched India operation before covid - read my 2019 post here on this.

But now the flights cost 4x more, almost 1 lakh INR per passenger.

Not sure what made ANA think people will pay this much. Of course Japan is a beautiful country worth exploring. Japan Visa process is simple, but at 1 lakh ticket price, Indians will think several times.

Europe tickets are available for 40000-50000 INR [Details]
We can go to Canada & USA for 1 Lakh rupees
Instead of spending 1 lakh on flight ticket alone, we can go to some other destination like Mauritius, Seychelles or other destinations within 40-50k flight and spend the rest on luxury stay/local activities.

I had visited Japan in 2016 on Air Asia sale 16k INR. Under current situation, any ticket up to 40-45k is good deal. While ANA will take you from Delhi to Tokyo non stop in 7-8 hours, one stop journey via Singapore or Malaysia are available for 46000-60000 INR range on Malaysian, SQ etc. One stop journey may take twice the time (15-16 hours) but you can relax a bit at transit airport. So would it be worth spending 40k more on ANA for a direct flight?

Let us see if ANA sustains this pricing or reduce it if no one is buying.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I took the japan tickets that time and I have been there

  2. When are you restart Chennai direct flight service?


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