Phu Quoc International Airport: Review & Observations

Phu Quoc International airport isn’t fully geared up for international passengers. Below are my observations


  1. There is no proper forex counter. I saw a small desk outside the airport with Forex written, but no one was there at 9 AM (our flight landed at 8 AM)- Looks like someone set up a forest counter fto operate their personal pocket

  2. There is an information desk at arrival- didnt ask them for forex but they sell sim cards

  3. There are no forex counters inside the airport during departure

  4. There are hardly any power outlets inside Phu Quoc airport for passengers to charge their device. I found one socket after long difficulty, but again I didn’t have proper adapter. (The hotel power sockets were better at accepting my two pin adapter, one at airport needed 3 pin local design plugs)

  5. Apart from these shortcomings, Phu Quoc international airport is just good enough for budget airlines. 


Learnt about Bamboo airways for the first time. Need to explore more on this airline.

Bottomline: go with minimum expectations. Hopefully PQC airport will add more features as VietJetAir is bringing more and more passengers to the island.

Scotch prices for reference- if you want to check if alcohol is cheap or not.
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