Europe return ticket for 38000 INR- 2023

Flight tickets to Europe (and most parts of the world) are now insanely expensive. It was possible to get a Europe return ticket for 50k or less under normal circumstances pre-covid (I’ve seen cheapest at 28k to 33k), but these days we’re looking at spending 70-80k for a return flight to Europe. I was thinking about Europe but wasn’t keen to spend so much.

Accidentally I spotted a return ticket to Europe for under 40k INR, which is a really tempting price. Lufthansa and Swiss are offering Mumbai-Amsterdam, Mumbai-Paris flights for around 38000-39000 INR return, for travel dates in Feb, March, April 2023. You can check on official websites of Lufthansa and Swiss for the deals that interest you. I have given sample screenshots and data pointers below. You can explore more trying more destinations and date combinations on Lufthansa and Swiss Air websites.

Sample prices on Lufthansa/ Swiss Air for 2023




Travel Date




Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Venice

Feb, March, April 2023




Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Venice

Feb, March, April 2023




Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Venice

Feb, March, April 2023


Ticket prices vary a bit on daily basis depending on Euro-INR currency fluctuation. Also I saw the lowest price 38007 for Mumbai-CDG at a time but within hours it went up to 39000 INR. I think they are manipulating the pricing using cookies.

This is not the cheapest fare I've seen. Pre-pandemic I've seen Qatar air offering 33k return to Paris. Air Italy had 28k return. But those are pre-pandemic scenarios. Right now Qatar is pretty expensive. 38k is decent fare under current circumstances.

These fares are mostly NOT visible if you check on 3rd party sites..

The good things about this cheap flight to Europe deal

  • 40k INR return is half of current cost. So it is a good deal even if we have to wait 9 months for it.
  • Enough time to apply visa, plan your trip etc
  • Hopefully things normalize over the next 6 to 9 months and the overall trip can be organized in comfort and budget if no new surprises pop up before the trip.
  • September to Feb is winter in Europe- not the best time. March, April is relatively better time.
  • Lufthansa/Swiss Air are reliable airlines. Hopefully no major schedule change/crisis popups in next 9 months


  • These low rates are for Feb, March, April 2023. 7-9 months from now. A lot can change by then. Another covid wave, some other rules and restrictions etc. You’ve to take a gamble and book.
  • This is the non refundable fare. 150 Euro for any change of date + fare difference extra. 
  • This lowest fare only gets you an 8 kg cabin bag and meals. Check-in bag and many other things extra.
  • Currently there is a huge queue for Schengen visa. Hopefully things will ease a bit. Applying too early is also a risk, if your visa validity expires before your trip ends. You’ve enough time to plan but don’t delay your visa application for long. 
  • February, March are the end of winter and beginning of summer. Hopefully the weather will be favorable. But do expect some snow spoiling your plans or some tourist places closed because it is off season.

Europe trip budget:

  • Return flight: 40000 INR
  • Schengen Visa: 10000 INR
  • Stay for 1 week, budget option: 20000 INR
  • Food, sightseeing and other expenses for 1 week: 50 Euros per day= 30000 INR

Total: 1 lakh rupees per person under normal circumstances

You can save a bit more if staying in cheaper hostels, eating cheaper food and visiting less expensive/free to visit places using public transport. If two people share accommodation, if staying longer per day expenditure may come down a bit.

Update: I tried to book but failed at payment stage. Tried with 2 different debit card and a credit card, got an error all the time. Had to call airline website, get a payment link from backend and then pay.

March update: My Europe trip went very well and in budget. Read details here.

Are you excited?

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