5 Cheapest international flights right now from India

Here are 5 Cheapest international flights right now from India. All these 5 are India’s neighboring countries and a return trip can be had for under 20k. Quarantine/covid rules are also largely relaxed now and you can plan a trip without burning your wallet or risking complicated covid rules.  If you are keen to use your passport you can check the fares, fix a date, book and plan your travel.

1 Delhi - Kathmandu 12k return

Nepal is the cheapest destination we can visit from India. It has been the cheapest destination since long time except for some airasia sales during which Thailand and Malaysia were cheaper. We had flown to Kathmandu in 2019 for about 8.5k return (indigo) At present Vistara and other airlines are offering return fare for 12k or less, which feels reasonable under current circumstances.

Of course more cheaper option would be to go by road.

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2 Bangkok for 13k

Thai AirAsia has started India flights.  Kolkata-Bangkok flights may be available for 12-13k for select dates

Thailand travel rules are now relaxed for fully vaccinated travelers. No RTPCR, no quarantine, but you should have travel insurance wort 10000 USD

Colombo tickets are available for 13-15k but I am not counting it as right now time is not right to visit Srilanka.

With planned NOK air India launch, hopefully Thailand becomes even more affordable.

3 Maldives under 14- 20k return

Kochi- Maldives 17k return, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi to Male for 19k return are available for May and June. Monsoon would begin from June so better to hurry if Maldives is in your wind. Plan to return by June 1st week or plan for post October.

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4. Kuala Lumpur for 15k

Cheap flight to Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur now costs 15k return to start with, from cities like Chennai

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5 Dubai return for 20k

On select dates from Mumbai you may get return ticket for 20k. Tickets cost 25k on an average 

Bali is bit expensive at this moment with return tickets costing 40k +. Europe seems like better option- you may get a return ticket for 50-60k from select Indian airports to select airports in Europe (Check Finair)

Bonus: Mumbai/Delhi to Vietnam for 15k-

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