Sky high ticket prices- what to do?

Flight ticket prices are now over the roof. Domestic travel that used to cost 6k return are now selling at 20k. International flights are also insanely expensive. So what to do?

Why prices are increasing?

As international travel has resumed, people are eager to travel- to meet their family, to explore the world. As demand has increased, airlines have figured out that they can keep the ticket price high and still fill all seats. Increased ATF due to Ukraine Russia war and a compulsion to recover losses during covid are adding as convincing excuse.

So what to do? Would the airfares come down in coming days?

As a budget traveler, I would wait for prices to come down to sane levels. Let those who have an urgency to travel or have lots of money to travel at high ticket prices travel now. A few months down the line demand might ease a bit. It may take 6 to 9 months.

Once capacity increases and demand decreases, ticket price will drop. I would wait for that to happen than paying through my nose. We also need to see which all countries relax RTPCR, quarantine and other covid related rules, which induce a level of uncertainty to our travel (what if we test negative in one of the reports).

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