NOK Air India operation may give competition to AirAsia

Thailand’s budget airline NOK Air, known for its colourful aircraft nose paintings is said to consider flying to India. Besides numerous destinations within Thailand, NOK air already has limited international presence as it flies to few cities in Vietnam, Japan, Myanmar and China.

Contextual Image- NOK Air Tail fin at DMK

It is not yet clear which Indian airport NOK Air will start operation with. Would they begin from cheapest airports like Chennai, or most popular ones like Mumbai, Del or multiple airports? We’ll have to wait and see. If they choose to fly from Bengaluru or COK and if I can get a return ticket for 15k or less, I will plan a trip to Thailand for late 2020. I have seen most of Thailand but can always make another trip to some lesser known destinations. Flights to Thailand are now costing around 20-30k return. The pre-pandemic rates are still a dream. Arrival of NOK air and resumption of Air Asia Malaysia might help in lowering the prices.

Will keep you posted as I get any update.

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