Easemytrip full refund-things to know

 Easemytrip is advertising that customers can get full refund of their flight tickets in case of medical emergencies. While this looks exciting, it is important to know the finer details. This post shares you key information you should know about Easemytrip full refund coverage

  1. Full refund is limited to a maximum of 5000 INR. This would have worked few years back when most domestic flights were selling for less than 5000. But at present,most destinations cost more than 5000. So except for some short sectors where ticket price was less, don’t expect full refund if your ticket is costing 6000-12000 INR

  2. Only for domestic flights

  3. There is no extra fee for this. I was thinking there could be an extra charge while booking to be eligible for free refunds. But as of now there is no extra charge.

  4. Claim is eligible only in case of specific scenarios called out in this doc. (deaths in family, passport loss, contingencies etc) https://www.easemytrip.com/pdf/Domestic-Flight-Cancellation-Insurance.pdf You have to wait for airline to refund whatever they refund and then for the balance you’ve to claim with insurance company with all the paperwork.

  5. Convenience fee will still be deducted. So it is not 100%, maybe 90% at best.

  6. The claim process is not explained in the doc. My guess is you’ve to submit a pile of paperwork, wait for the airline to refund whatever they refund and then wait for Easemytrip team to process your request. No timeline has been committed for claim processing

  7. Not sure what happens if airline takes their own sweet time to process refund. Many airlines have still not refunded for 2020 pandemic flight cancellations.

If your ticket had cost 9000 INR and airline refunds 4000, you can claim another 1000 minus convenience fee (may be around 300-400 INR) from Easemytrip full refund. If ticket cost is 4500, airline refunds nothing, you will get 4500 minus convenience fee, some 4000 INR from this scheme.

Is this a good idea then? 

As there is no extra charge for this, you can try it out. Book through easemytrip and select a full medical refund policy. If you happen to encounter such a situation then hope that you get a little more money back than what you would have otherwise got.

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