How are world's top 110 airlines of 2019 doing now due to Covid-19 Crisis?

What is happening with World's top 100+ airlines as of now? How many are bankrupt, how many are flying? I've made an attempt to give you a summary in this post.

Method used:
  1. I took SkyTrax World's top 100 airlines list of 2019 as a base
  2. I have taken liberty and added about 10 airlines I felt major ones missing in the list (Air India, Srilankan etc)
  3. Did an analysis on these 110 airlines of the world under multiple parameters
    1. Have they declared bankruptcy/entered administration
    2. Have they stopped all passenger flights? (Cargo & repatriation flights not counted)
    3. If still operating have they cut 90%+ of their schedule?
    4. Major news updates w.r.t this airline (job cuts etc)
Below are the major findings:
  1. Only 3 airlines seem to be doing fine right now- USA's low cost airlines such as SouthWest, Spirit and Frontier- they have largely domestic operations which are not banned, getting Govt bailout money and do not seem to have any immediate distress.
  2. Eight airlines have gone bankrupt in past 3-4 months. This includes Flybe, Atlas Global etc which closed before Corona Virus breakout. Many other airlines are on the blink of collapse but haven't declared bankruptcy officially. 
  3. One third of world's airlines are fully grounded. (Cargo operations and repatriation flights excluded)
  4. More than half of the airlines are running skeleton schedule- most of them operating less than 10% of their normal capacity.
  5. A few airlines I couldn't locate any useful news. I am assuming they are operating a limited schedule and are in no imminent danger.

I have personally flown only one third of these 110 airlines. Still a long way to go.

Regional breakup here- bear with me as I've kept Asia and South East Asia separate and have tagged central america with South America.
Detailed listing below. Let me know if you have any updates. I will try to update this list end of May 2020 again. (remember CAPA report that lots of airline may go bankrupt by end of May if there's no external support?)
Disclaimer: All information as I could find from public domain at the time of compiling the post. If you find this study useful please support by sharing this in your social media accounts.

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