AirAsia drops cabin baggage allowance to 5kg in the name of social distancing

Air Asia has just announced its new policy post covid-19 and a major change is that cabin baggage allowance has been dropped from 7 kg to 5 kgs.

To me this looks like a trick to make people buy check-in baggage which is chargeable.
  • I don't understand how weight of a bag is related to corona virus spread. 
  • What does wrong if I carry 7 kgs in my closed cabin bag? 
  • How exactly 2 kg less will help avoid unwanted contact?. It doesn't.
  • Would AirAsia allow a free check-in of 2 kg bag to compensate? No
  • Why apply this retroactively to customers who have booked in the past hoping to manage with 7 kg cabin baggage allowance?
If you agree with Air Asia or can explain how exactly lower cabin baggage weight helps please comment. I travel mostly without checked bag and this lower limit will complicate my travel plans and make me more hesitant towards AirAsia, as cost of checked-baggage is often almost same as ticket price. No other airline in the world has reduced cabin baggage allowance in the name of social distancing.

Other factors seem reasonable. Passengers need to bring their own masks else boarding will be denied.

There's no commitment to leaving middle row empty. AirAsia will try to follow seat distancing when occupancy allows.

Also no mention of "bring your own food policy". I am guessing Air Asia would still want to sell their meals n make money.


  1. Actually, smaller bag means lesser distance between people :-)

  2. Won't be flying Air Asia in future because of this policy. Scoot allows 10kg carry on and will be flying with them from now on.


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