StarAir New routes Belgaum-Indore-Ajmer flight

Star Air has announced a a few new flights which I didn't notice earlier. Of course this was done before lockdown was announced.

These flights are -

  • Ajmer (Krishnagarh airport, 27 kms from Ajmer) to Indore
  • Indore to Belgaum (Belagavi, Karnataka)
  • and Belgaum to Bengaluru

From Ajmer you can fly one stop to Belagavi via Indore but not two stop to Bengaluru (via Indore and Belagavi)
I find these destinations a bit odd-are there lots of people flying direct between Indore and Ajmer or Belagavi and Indore? May be not, but then, Star air operates a smaller plane, a 50 seater Embraer 145, so finding 50 passengers 3 times a week is not that difficult. For those who really want to travel, the direct flight on star air is a lot of value add- saves time and money otherwise having to fly via Delhi or Mumbai.

Hopefully Star Air will survive this pandemic and resume these flights once lockdown is lifted. 

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