Vistara's insane pricing to Port Blair

I accidentally spotted something on Air Vistara's website. Vistara has resumed Chennai-Port Blair flights they had suspended earlier this year. While non stop flight is reasonably priced, the next option almost made me fall off the chair. Vistara has priced Chennai- Port Blair ticket Economy ticket at a massive INR 58000 that too for a 2 stop option, one way!
For that kind of money, you can go all the way till Atlanta, USA on Qatar Airways and come back!

Of course we don't have a compulsion to pay 58k to go to Andaman- we can opt other airlines, but this shows some insights into airline ticket pricing. Vistara's ticketing algorithm has unnecessarily complicated the two stop route to an insanely expensive level which doesn't make sense. Probably there was no manual review. No one with any sense would book this option, but I am wondering what makes Vistara think it is ok to price it like this.

Vistara has given a standard template reply on twitter stating pricing is dynamic and is high because of two stops! Airline pricing is an amazing world. If you don't pay attention or don't have a sense of fair pricing, you can get looted.

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