AirAsia cheap tickets to Australia- 20-24k return!

Air Asia is offering cheap tickets to Australia from various Indian cities. Onward tickets are available for around 10k, return around 12k- if you can get the dates right, you can have Australia return tickets for around 20-24k depending on origin and destination cities.
Screenshots below: Kochi to Perth for just INR 9300 one way. Perth from other Indian cities available from similar fares. Return costs a few k more, taking round trip expense to 20-24k, which is still a great deal for Australia.

Chennai n Blr to Perth, Australia
Points to note:
Australia is recently in news due to massive wild fires and smoke- it is possible the fire has done lots of destruction and restoration will take time. Possibly lots of tourists would have cancelled their tickets, forcing airlines to offer some discount. I believe things will be back to normal within months and it should be safe to visit in Feb-April 2020 (during which above rates are available)-but do your research and make a decision. But be prepared some tourist attractions might still be closed or not at their best to view. [Details]

No meals, no checked bag is included in above price. A 20kg checked bag for the round trip would probably cost around 7-10k INR more. Meals approx 20 MYR each onboard.

Perth is closest to Asia and cheapest city to fly into. But Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast are more popular cities.

Australia tourist visa costs close to 10k and may take about 2-3 weeks to process.

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