AirAsia adds 3x daily Chennai-Delhi flight

AirAsia India is adding new flights from Chennai. At one point of time AirAsia was only serving Chennai and Bengaluru. Then Hyderabad, Kolkata was added. Then Mumbai and now recently Delhi. That too with 3 times a day frequency.

AirAsia ad says tickets are priced from INR 1540 onwards but a check on the website shows an average price of INR 3500+, which is at par with market price offered by other airlines. May be during a sale we can hope to get a cheaper ticket.  Still as long as Air Asia can offer cheaper than competition ticket prices they can easily fill up the 3 flights. As of now for most of the dates Air Asia flights appear to be the cheapest- a few rupees less than Indigo
Where next? May be Air Asia can try connecting Chennai to Pune/Kochi/Ahmedabad in next expansion. Bhubaneswar, Port Blair could be other options. Let us wait and see.

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