Jet Airways sidelining Etihad?

Jet Airways has recently inked a deal with Air France KLM. Though Jet hasn't officially announced much about Etihad, looks like Jet is trying to ignore or sideline Etihad.

Proof 1:
On Jet Airway's homepage, Etihad doesn't get a space any more. It lists AF, KLM, Delta and Virgin Atlantic, but not Etihad
Proof 2:
Search on Jet Airways website for a destination in US- say JFK, no route option with Etihad is shown. Most options are via LHR using Virgin Atlantic or other partners. What happened to connectivity via Abu Dhabi with Etihad? No idea.

But I could see some destinations offered with Etihad flights- like Dallas. So to conclude, partnership with Etihad is still in force but probably at a reduced focus.

What do you think?

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