Air Deccan to relaunch on December 23rd!

As per this news in Mint, Air Deccan is set to relaunch operations on December 22.

Air Deccan was India's first low cost carrier, headed by Captain Gopinath. It made flying possible for thousands of Indians. But in 2008 Vijay Mallya took over Air Deccan, with an intention of using Air Deccan's history to fly King Fisher planes abroad. (There was a rule that an Airline should be in operation for 5 years before it can fly abroad). Air Deccan was renamed Kingfisher Red. But Kingfisher fleet got grounded in 2012 due to its financial crisis.

Above: Art work inside Mumbai Airport

Captain Gopinath also tried his hands on cargo business, Deccan 360 but that didn't seem to make much success. Air Deccan continued to exist offering charter airplanes and other aviation related services.

In its second innings, Air Deccan will operate from 4 bases- Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Shillong and will be operating short haul flights connecting nearby cities, taking advantage of support offered under Govt's UDAN scheme. Of the 4 Shillong region holds lots of potential as North East is underserved at the moment. If a flight can save hundreds of kms of road journey I am sure there will be many takers.

On December 22nd, Air Deccan will make first flight from Mumbai to Nagpur. More flights are expected to launch in January 2018 from Delhi, Kolkata and other bases to nearby cities.

Rs 1 ticket:
Air Deccan is promising a promo fare starting from Rs 1. Good publicity stunt. I am guessing this price will be for just a few seats per flight. Expect to pay around INR 600-700 per ticket at the minimum after factoring various taxes, convenience fee etc. (so much for Re 1 ticket!). Expect average price to be around INR 1500.

Where to book Air Deccan Ticket?
However, it is not very clear where to book Air Deccan tickets. Its website still doesn't show its schedules and booking option. A quick search on MakeMytrip for flight options between Mumbai and Nagpur for December 22nd didn't show Air Deccan. So I am guessing some approval formalities and preparations are still pending. Website updates and booking should commence soon while the news of relaunch is spreading. It will be a mistake to lose potential customers who will be searching to book but can't. With just about a week to spare, Air Deccan better hurry.

Update: booking is now possible on

Best wishes to Air Deccan's 2nd innings in Indian passenger aviation market. Stay tuned to AirlineBlog as we monitor Air Deccan closely and bring you vital updates.

Update: Air Deccan schedule and fare information in this post. More interesting facts here.
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  1. Good to know about the history and other details of Air Deccan.

  2. Re 1 is quite tempting. Let's hope many people can take advantage of it.

    1. Expect it to cost 700 Rs + after all other components...

  3. It will be interesting to have them back, I liked hem back then.

  4. This is really happy news for me :). I had worked there, I have seen the complete transition of a small air line to big one. Also its declining period. I have learnt many lessons of life by the story of this airline. But always feel proud about Air Deccan. Good Luck to Captain. :)

    1. He will need all your wishes and support... Do check my recent 2 posts on Airdeccan

  5. There're 2 new posts on Air Deccan-about their schedules and aircraft:


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