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As 2017 draws itself to a conclusion, here's  quick list of most popular posts on Airlineblog. If you've not been regular here, you might wish to take a look at these posts.
scenic views of Bali indonesia from window seat of malindo plane
Most Read Posts

Who charges least convenience fee? Most OTAs and airlines charge a convenience fee of around Rs 200 to 250 per person per ticket. Some airlines don't. Understand who charges the least because it makes the difference in total amount you'll be paying.

Spicejet new flight to Jaisalmer : Those looking to visit Jaisalmer can now save half a day of road travel and fly in, thanks to Spicejet and ADAN scheme..

Dirtcheap tickets for immediate travel : Not relevant now, but post listed some super cheap tickets for early November travel.

Malindo air Bengaluru operations to begin on December 21st : Malindo Air is now flying to Bengaluru and offering connectivity to close to 50 destinations.

Air Asia vs Malindo- which one is better : A detailed comparison between low cost Air Asia vs value for money Malindo. Read to find out who wins in which aspects.

AirAsia sale lowest fares benchmark : Some of the lowest fares I have seen for various destinations on Air Asia- this can be your reference while booking cheap tickets durig next sale

Most commented (excluding those already listed above)
Air Deccan Relaunch on December 23rd : Air Deccan has begun its second life and we wish them luck.

Bali top view from Malindo Air window seat: A series of photos taken from air while departing from Bali. You don't want to miss this.

Beware of MakeMyTrip's latest trick : If you see low fares in first screen that doesn't mean you will pay the same amount. MMT and many sites increase the fare in next step, claiming airline has increased fares. Be careful.

Few personal favorites/recommended reading
1. The love letter from Norwegian Airlines : Most airlines send boring reminder about your expiring mils. The way Norwegian says the same moves your heart. Do read.

2 Airlineblog gets featured within top 100 list  : Some reasons to celebrate

3. What happens when an inflight purchase goes bad? :Know this if you're used to buying stuff inflight.

4. Quoted in Deccan Herald twice-
Check here for one and second one below

5. Air Asia's new Loyalty Program- Good, Bad and Ugly!
A newly launched loyalty scheme from Air Asia offers less benefit than earlier!

6. Flight booking tips no airline will tell you
Some things travel agents and airlines won't tell you because it doesn't suite their interests.

Thanks a lot for all my readers in supporting this new blog. New Year wishes and looking forward to 2018.
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