WizzAir India launch: expectations, initial thoughts

WizzAir is a popular low cost airline in Europe. I've flown this airline from Athens to Budapest in 2023, Athens to Tirana in 2024.

WizzAir flies to Middle East from Europe, so we do get cheap flights to Athens and Budapest from Abu Dabhi. It was possible to fly to Europe from India for about 22000 INR return via AUH. But Wizzair don't have any codeshare with airlines operating to India so we need to clear immigration in AUH, check in bags again etc, adding to cost, time, effort and risk of delay, making the whole proposition not very practical.

Now the news is WizzAir is planning direct flights from India to Europe from 2025, using A321 XLRs.

More details are yet to emerge- which city to which city, price etc. The news says one way fare will be under 200 Euros or 18000 INR, but I feel that is not viable. If we research and plan in advance, return ticket to Europe under 40000 INR is not a difficult thing. I'd flows Mumbai Athens for 24000 INR this year (Kuwait Air), Mumbai Paris for 38000 INR last year (Lufthansa-Swiss Air). We often spot deals around 30-35k easily between Europe and India.

If WizzAir needs to be tempting, they should target a return ticket under 25000 INR. WizzAir is not full service- food and checked bag cost extra.

Let us see from which city to which city WizzAir launch their flights and at what price. A321 XLR can fly about 7400 kms- not enough for BLR-UK but good enough for BLR-Budapest, BLR-Athens etc. Of course they can't plan till the last mile, as some buffer will be needed to fly to alternate airport, range drops if there is lots of weight (passenger+bag) etc.

I feel Mumbai- Athens, AMD-Budapest might be good start. WizzAir has good base in Athens, Budapest etc and many Indian cities do not have direct flight to these airports from India.

Let us see.

Thanks Karthik Kannan for the tip off.

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