My 2023 Air Travel Summary

2023 was a good year for travel compared to earlier few years where travel was limited due to covid.

This year wasn't my best but still good. Below are the numbers

  • Number of flights taken: 23 (14 international, 9 domestic)
  • No of airlines flown: 11
  • New airlines tried: Akasa, Swiss Air, Korean Air, Wizz Air
  • New countries flown: South Korea, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary
  • Class: all economy (no premium economy, no business)
  • Months without any flights: Jan, April, June, July, December
  • Best Aircraft experience: SQ A380
  • Longest was Mumbai- Frankfurt while shortest was Busan -Jeju
  • Continents: Only Asia and Europe.
  • Total flying distance: 1.2x around the world.

New experiences:

  • European airlines EasyJet and Ryanair adding even more cost cutting measures
  • Watching on TV if our checked bag has cleared security in Korean airports
  • Changi airport experience after a decade, including Jewel

More details about 2023 flights here:

How was your year 2023 from air travel perspective? Expect a separate post on my main blog for overall travel summary for 2023.

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