Indigo flies to Shivamogga from September

Shivamogga airport is finally getting flights. The airport has been assigned a code RQY

Indigo has announced a flight from BLR to Shivamogga from September 01, tickets priced at around 3000 INR 

Indigo’s daily service leaves at 9.50 AM from BLr and arrives at 11.05 AM in Shivamogga. 

Indigo has allocated an ATR (70 odd seats) for this route with a 20 min turn around time.

Return flight same day 11.25 AM and arrives at BLR on 12.25


With only 1 flight per day businessmen can’t plan a same day return. They will have to stay overnight and return the next day or can plan a night bus or train for the return journey.

Good thing is Shivamogga people can take one stop flight to various destinations around India via Blr. Makes more sense to fly from Shivamogga than take a bus or train to BLR, then spend thousands on airport taxi and fly out of BLR

Hope to see more airlines landing at Shivamogga and more destinations getting direct flight. Let us see.

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