Indigo BOM Nairobi (Kenya) 28k return

Indigo has launched Mumbai to Kenya direct flight. On very select date combinations you can book a return ticket for 28-29k INR, which is a reasonable fare for a 6 hour one way flight.

Unfortunately Indigo has decided to keep the price much higher for the coming months. I was trying to book for some dates in 2024 but the prices are going upward of 40k INR. I am not in a mood to commit 40-44k for a 6 hour flight to Africa 6 to 9 months in advance as there is a very high chance that the price will come down closer to the travel date if the plane is empty. Or I might get a better deal with other airlines in the coming months.

Not sure what Indigo is thinking. They have launched several international flights in recent times but the pricing is high. For example, their Bengaluru-London 2 stop flight via Delhi & Istanbul costs more than British Airways direct flight between BLR and LHR. Why would anyone book low cost carrier Indigo for a higher price and spend 2x more travel time?

For now I will wait and watch. Let us see what happens. I do not have any compulsion to go to Africa. Will plan only if I spot a cheap deal.

What are your thoughts?


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