Norwegian rocks! Temperature filter in flight search! A first?

 Norwegian was on the blink of collapse- but now airline has opened up sale for flights to UK for 2021. Flights to USA start at around 200 GBP onwards one way for the budget carrier. This amount is nowhere close to what WOW Air used to charge for transatlantic flights but 270 USD is not a bad fare (from UK)

An interesting thing I noted is the temperature filter- you can set temperature range of destination you want to visit- but when I checked, the filter didn't work. May be they are still fixing it. Still I think it is a cool feature. Don't worry about destination, just say "show me all destinations with sub zero temperature" and go to cheapest from the results.

Also temperature filter has 30 degree c as upper limit- how will it work on flights to Bangkok or other warmer destinations? (For Chennai, 30 should be minimum!)

Also we need to see which temperature applies- current or expected temp on the date of flight? Min, Max or average?

I had written about Norwegian earlier- about their love letter.

Let us hope the airline bounces back.


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