This letter from norwegian reward almost made me cry!

Norwegian is a lovely airline in Europe, Scandinavia to be precise. They operate lots of flights,mostly in Northern Europe but few long haul as well- to US and Bangkok. When I was based in Denmark for couple of months back in 2015, I had taken few of their flights for my weekend trips- Copenhagen Bergen, Copenhagen-Helsinki etc. The flights had free WiFi and overall flying experience was great. It was very unfortunate that my Europe assignment ended before I could fly more with them.

Two years down the line, I'm in receipt of below mail, which I felt very touching for the way it is written. It is written as if a lost lover is writing to you, than a business entity. Most airlines simply send a mail stating your loyalty points are about to expire. But the way Norwegian has put it feels very personal, touchy and as if they really really love me. Do give it a read- very very creative.

Unfortunately they don't have much connectivity in India so I am unable to fly with them more. If I plan a Europe trip in future, I will definitely give them some priority over other airlines.

On this excuse, let me share some of my pics of flying with Norwegian

Norwegian has this unique practice of printing photos of various achievers on its tail fin.
 Norwegian Boeing 737, enroute to Bergen from Copenhagen. Read my Bergen travelogue here
 A Norwegian plane on tarmac
 Now boarding...
 Somewhere over Finland
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  1. That is indeed a sweet gesture!

  2. Beats the cold tone of the others any day. I follow the same tone for my corp comms as well :)

  3. Take a cheap flight to Bangkok and pick up Norwegian for the long haul into Europe! ;-)


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