Fly closer to Hampi-Vidhyanagar from Hyd- Trujet

Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site and a must visit destination in Karnataka. Hampi offers an upclose experience with past history of Vijayanagara kingdom, the grandeur, the culture whatever is left of it. Dozens of temples, hundreds of giant rocks and stones tell a tale that amuses every visitor. Musical pillars, systematic market places, great stone art partially destroyed by invaders etc are fairly unique to Hampi. Hampi Utsav that happens every year is a visual treat to the eye where history comes alive.

However, visiting Hampi so far meant 6 hours road journey from Bengaluru, the nearest practical airport. (Hubli is another nearby airport but connectivity there is poor). The distance and time taken was a limiting factor to many who had only 2-3 day of free time and couldn’t afford to spend half of it just to reach the destination n back.
Not anymore- now there’s a better option. Trujet is flying to Vidhyanagar airport, just 40 kms from Hampi.  Trujet is connecting Vidhyanagar from Hyderabad, with one early morning flight every day.

Points to note:
  • The Vidhyanagar airport and trujet flight do not seem to be available on most travel portals like MMT etc. You have to check directly on Truejet’s website for schedule, fares n booking tickets to Vidhyanagar (Hampi)
  • Even Trujet is not offering a through flight- like you can’t book Chennai-Vidhyanagar via Hyderabad. If you’re flying from a city other than Hyderabad, you’ve to book your city to Hyderabad separately and Hyd to Vidhyanagar separately
  • Ticket price seems to be reasonable at around Rs 2000 in most cases, one way per person, inclusive of Rs 2000 convenience fee- (lot cheaper than taking a taxi from say BLR or HYD), except last minute seats that may get two times expensive
Trujet's recent Chennai-Mysuru flight is deemed a success during Dasara season. Hope it sustains during off peak season.

For Luxury stay in Hampi, you can check out the palace themed Evolve Back Hampi resort. Details here n here.

For Hampi site seeing/exploration, check the TBTrail * Raya trail
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