Won a few Lufthansa goodies: #CelebratingChennai

A month ago, Lufthansa ran a campaign on twitter to mark 25 years of servicing Chennai. The contest required participants to explain why they would like to visit a specific destination in Europe.

I took part and wrote about visiting Copenhagen, Denmark- which I had flown on Lufthansa in 2016.

After few weeks I was told I am one of the 25 lucky winner.

Winner declaration

Earlier this week I got the above goodie bag. An ipad case, a lunch bag carrier, a small backpack and a key chain- probably worth around 10-15 Euros total.

Someone named Ramesh Nyfa won the grand price of return ticket to Europe. Others got goodies like shown above.

The reason I liked this contest is because it is old school- winners were selected based on the merit of their write up and not some random pick. Most online contests these days are designed to gain maximum leverage from participating individuals- they are asked to like, follow, RT, tag their friends and do a dozen other things to promote the post and then hope that they get to win something- probability of win is too low in such contests as main intention is to gain followers and visibility for the brand, not to really give away anything. I stay away from such contests as it is usually not worth the time and effort spent giving publicity to the brand against the probability of winning.

Lufthansa contest on the other hand was merit based and genuine. Hope there will be more contests like this.

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