Flybe Experience-Europe's largest regional airline

March 2020 Update: Sad to read that Flybe has gone bankrupt.

Flybe claims to be Europe's largest regional airline. Flybe operates in about 15 countries in Europe, flying around 81 airports ferrying 8 million passengers an year on short haul flights. Flybe has 3 types of aircrafts- Bombardier Q400, Embraer E750 and E950 all single aisle, 4 seats a row smaller planes.
I had two flights with Flybe during my UK trip. Their tickets are cheap, but not as cheap as RyanAir. For my dates and destinations, Flybe was the cheapest operator, so I booked with them.

Belfast to Edinburgh
Belfast airport seemed to be dominated by Flybe-the display board was full of Flybe flights. Mine was a short 50 min flight to Edinburgh, on Q400. Check-in counter person took a few minutes to locate my booking on his system. Flight had a small delay but arrived almost on time.

In flight food options were decent. I bought a cup of soup for 2 pounds. I thought 2 Pounds is not bad, but later found that same brand's soup ready-mix is available for 1.59 GBP for a pack of 4. Still I think Flybe's inflight menu is reasonably priced.
 I was also thinking of trying rice noodle but it had traces of alcohol.
 Flybe legroom in Q400. Seats don't recline.
Flybe's Q400 turbo props are coloured in bright purple while the Embraer fleet seem to get white colour.
Edinburgh to Cardiff
Was on Embraer E750
Flight was on time, in flight menu was slightly different- couldn't find Tomato soup! Got an aisle seat assigned this time. Again, seats don't recline. In-flight magazine is nice.

Gates are announced only last minute in UK's airports so we won't know where to wait. But usually will have enough time to get to your gate once announced, even if you're in another part of airport.

During this flight gate staff were asking people to check if their bag fits the size checker box.

Some points to note:
Their cabin bag size checking tool is same for both Q400 and Embraer which doesn't make sense. Embraer has slightly bigger overhead cabin and can take bigger bags. Why force passengers cough up 35 GBP extra claiming their bag won't fit the cabin, based on Q400's cabin sizes? Also to note, they don't accept cash at the gate- card payment only.

Air Lingus on the other hand has different sizes for different aircrafts.

Overall my Flybe experience was good. Do try them when in Europe.

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