My Experience with JetBlue Airlines USA

I had one flight with Jet Blue recently- from Fort Lauderdale to Bogota Colombia. No other Jet Blue flight planned during my trip.

Booking process- Booking process was standard. No complications.Booked on their website, provided a SQ frequent flyer code since Jet Blue is star alliance member and I had no plans of booking lots of flights with Jet Blue. [Read more about various US flight booking experience]

Post booking- Jet Blue kept sending various romantic welcome letters and trying to trick me to upgrade

Web Check-in: Jet Blue's website didn't allow me to do web checkin-it insisted on me selecting Colombia Visa type, showing only 2 options some VVI and VVA or something. I couldn't figure out what is this. I was to enter Colombia based on my US visa, but there was no option for that. Thus I had to go to airport early (check-in closes 2 hours before departure)

Airport check-in: Once in FLL airport, as there were no staff at the Jet Blue counter (early morning) I tried using their airport kiosk for check-in. It asked me to scan passport page and visa page - scanned US visa and I was all set to go. I was prompted to select an "even more space" seat for extra 40 USD, which I declined.

I got a window seat assigned.

Boarding: Jet Blue boards in groups, A, B and C. Mine was group B. But unlike Southwest, Jet Blue doesn't have clear markers near the gate to group people. Passengers need to align based on announcements made by the staff.

Once inside the the craft was bit dull and dirty- looked like an old plane, all white interiors with black seats, overhead storage showing signs of dirt/long term usage.

Leg room was more that what I was used to in India's domestic airlines.

There was a small entertainment screen- which was too small and old fashioned. It wasn't functional in true sense. The display unit had provision to swipe credit cards for payment.
Free Wifi: Jet Blue seem to be providing free in-flight WiFi, but guess it is accessible only within US airspace. Didn't work after sometime

Food and drinks are for purchase- small drinks and snacks cost around 8 to 12 USD on an average. I believe a bottle of water is given free

Jet Blue charges for check-in bag. One cabin bag and one personal item is free. If your cabin bag doesn't fit or if flight is full, it will be checked-in
Flight was uneventful- reached Bogota on time. Overall it was decent experience- for about 105 USD I could fly 3 hours from Florida to Colombia. But I liked the South West Experience better. Looking forward to try Spirit and West Jet over next few weeks.

Unfortunately don't have any proper exterior photos of Jet Blue plane.

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