My Experience with Copa Airlines

Copa is a full service airline based out of Panama city, Panama. They have a fleet of narrow body 737s and Embraer 190 aircrafts and fly to various destinations in central, north and south America and to more destinations world wide with their star alliance network.

From booking till date of flying, they sent lots of emails in Spanish, I didn't understand head or tail of it, so had to ignore completely.
I had two flights with them this week- from Bogota to Panama City and from Panama city to Costa Rica. This post is a quick review of my experience with them.

Bogota to Panama city
Was on a smaller Embraer 190 aircraft that had about 10 business class seats in 2+1 configuration and some 60 economy seats in 2+2 configuration. I could successfully web  check in without any issues but had to go to counter for boarding pass as they didn't have any kiosks in El Dorado airport.

Boarding was smooth. Flight was fine- light snacks was served- they had only chicken sandwich and beef sandwich, nothing vegetarian. When asked I was told I could pre-book them online. So had to fly hungry with only apple juice for company.

Panama City to Costa Rica
I couldn't locate any option to specify veg meals during check-in or otherwise. Wondering if I would get one. Tweeted to the airline and got a standard reply that I should sign up for their frequent flyer program and can specify meals. For just 2 flights I didn't feel like signing up their loyalty program. Not sure when I will fly ever again and they will keep spamming me forever with useless promotional mails.

Panama being their hub, I could print boarding pass in a kiosk and proceed to gate. Flight to Costa Rica was on a bigger 737 that had entertainment system. No headphones were given (I used my own). Had good flight watching movie, nice veg food was served. So happy on that front. USB charging meant I could charge my devices.

In-flight magazine was good- had articles in both Spanish and English. Both flights were on time.

Being full service airline, Copa's pricing is more expensive than low cost options- but in the central american region between South, Central America Copa and Avianca are two airlines with very good coverage. 


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