Vistara pricing error?-Premium economy cheaper than economy!

Vistara is running several sales and offers of late. Their service is good and prices are tempting- particularly during sale/offer.

They have very limited network from Chennai hence my options are limited, but if you're keen, do check and book.

One thing I noticed again n again with Vistara is that their Premium Economy is often priced lower than Economy. I've written about it one and a half years ago in this post- the same is seen recently also- Only this time the gap has grown wider. Premium Economy is cheaper than Economy by 500 to 800 rupees.
Why would Vistara do it? Is it a mistake?
Note that at times Economy Lite options are NOT given. If it was there it could have been more cheaper may be.

I don't know. Is it intentional and by design? May be only few economy seats are left while several Premium Economy seats are empty- May be Vistara is trying to push some passengers into buying Premium Economy so that remaining Economy seats could be sold for higher price last minute?

It could also be a deliberate ploy to get some economy passengers accustomed to Premium Economy- once they get hooked to Premium Economy product n services, may be next time they may book Premium Economy by paying extra over Economy.

Or it is just a genuine mistake? No idea

Read my Vistara Premium Economy experience here. If you ask me, it is certainly worth experiencing if pricing is reasonable. You get following extra benefits in Premium Economy, compared to Economy
- Priority boarding (after Business Class, before Economy)
-Slightly more spacious seats (Still 3+3 like economy but a bit more leg room and little more recline)
-Slightly better food than Economy
- If you get an upgrade voucher you can try upgrade to Business Class (from Economy you can only upgrade to Premium Economy)
- You can get off the plane quicker than Economy passenger
- Slightly better attention in cabin and possibly some empty seats around as premium cabins often have unsold empty seats compared to cattle class.

Above pricing of Rs 3500 for Chennai-Delhi very good for Premium Economy. (lowest I have seen in Economy is about Rs 2200, but that is hard to spot if you're particular about a date n time. Around 2700-3000 is pretty reasonable price for Economy, 3500 for Premium Economy is a good deal- because unless you plan well, a normal economy ticket itself may cost that much.

Similar- Lufthansa Premium Economy experience

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