Save Spicejet Convenience fee with Gift Card

Spicejet has recently increased its Convenience fee- to Rs 400 one way on international flights- this means you've to spend Rs 800 extra as convenience fee while booking international flights on Spicejet, Rs 500 on domestic flights.

However, looks like there is a possible way to avoid paying this massive extra amount- by using Gift Cards. It appears tickets booked/paid via Gift Cards will NOT attract convenience fee, as advertised in the banner that is available on the Gift Card section of Spicejet Website
However, I was taken aback by the Terms & Condition section which clearly stated Convenience fee will be applicable- which is in direct conflict with the promotional ad shown above.
So I sought clarification from Spicejet Via twitter and they confirmed convenience fee will NOT be applied on payments made via Gift Card
I also tested on the website- selected a route and went till Payment page- it was showing Rs 500 less when Spicejet Gift card was selected as payment option.

Thus, assuming the above idea works- buy and use gift card to avoid paying convenience fee, you may be able to save several thousand rupees if you're buying lots of flight tickets.

You can gift a card with an approximate amount you will be needing in an year to your family member and then book tickets using the gift card. If you're saving 500 Rs per domestic ticket and 800 per international flight in convenience fee, assuming 5 domestic and 2 international trips in an year, you will be saving about INR 4000.

There're some other benefits like savings on meals, priority check-in etc for tickets booked on spicejet gift card.

Some sites like Easemytrip give coupons that nullify convenience fee- if you can use that, then this circus of gift cards may not be needed.

Benefits to Spicejet in issuing Gift Cards
Spicejet gains following benefits on selling gift cards
- Upfront huge cash, which they can keep without interest till the time ticket is booked
- They can pocket all unused amount
- Having paid big amount upfront, it keeps customers hooked to spicejet, even if their fares/schedule is not cheapest/best in the industry. So some guaranteed business!
- Makes people come and book on Spicejet website, so they don't have to give any commission to 3rd party websites like MMT

Risks involved with Spicejet Gift Card
-Unused amount will go waste- Gift card is valid for 1 year- if you don't use up the amount by then, balance will go waste. No refund option, no extension
-It locks you down to Spicejet- even if other airlines are a bit cheaper, you will be forced to fly on Spicejet as you've already paid huge amount upfront for the gift card
-Terms and conditions may change- suddenly spicejet may withdraw "no convenience fee" rule and you will regret buying it
-Not possible to predict exact amount you will be using-so there will always be some leftover amount which will go waste or if you're trying to use gift card balance+ additional payment,you will pay convenience fee on that transaction.
-Read fine print carefully- there could be restrictions- like ticket should be only in the name of person to whom gift card is issued, max x tickets per gift card etc. I couldn't spot any, but Spicejet can change the rules at their will.

What do you think? Does the gift card idea excite you?

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