WOW Air Sweepstakes-Win free honeymoon in Iceland

WOW Air is running a lucky draw that could get you an all expense paid honeymoon in Iceland.
Image from WOW Air's Pinterest page

Luckydraw is open to anyone getting married soon.
I checked the detailed terms and conditions- there is no purchase required, there's no hidden tricks or agenda- it looks like a lucky draw. You've to just fill couple of fields giving name of the couple and some interesting things about the couple and that's it.

Only those getting married between November 20th and May 1st 2019 are eligible. I guess if you win they will ask for all the proof. No upload is required during entry.

Travel should be between Jan and May 2019

Rewards include flight ticket to Iceland, luxury hotel stay and some spending money (up to 1000 USD). Winners will probably have to spend some money on Iceland visa, processed through Danish Embassy, who will ask for 2 sets of colour xerox of every passport page :)

What are you waiting for? If you are getting married soon, try your luck. Winner will be announced on December 14th.

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