WOW Air slashes rates further- go to US/UK/Canada/Europe for just INR 10999!

Iceland based WOW Air is just weeks from its planned India operations launch. WOW Air is scheduled to begin Delhi to Iceland flights from 7th December. So far WOW Air had been selling tickets for INR 13499 at its cheapest, to various destinations across its network. Recently airline also extended booking acceptance till October 2019 and announced new destinations like Vancouver.

Today I noticed that WOW Air has slashed its prices further- now one way ticket to most destinations on its network can be had for just INR 10999. This is a dream fare for anyone looking to travel the world. Those who would have paid INR 13499 or more would feel cheated as the fares are now even cheaper and those who didn’t book yet might rejoice they’re saving more. 
If you’re considering a short trip to USA or Europe or UK or Canada, you might wish to try WOW Air.

However couple of things I noted- while onward journey is extremely cheap-just 10999, finding an equally priced return ticket would be a challenge. They are available for less- like 18k or so but you’ve to try multiple date ranges till you find one that works for you or an overall return fare that is reasonable. (or just book one way and fly back on a different airline). You can also try stopover flights. Also the above said ultra low fares are only available for select dates in December 2018, whenever load factor is low. If you’re trying to book for later- say June/July 2019 or so, the fares are significantly higher.

WOW Air is ultra low cost budget airline. Above fare doesn't include baggage or meals-everything is extra. Only one small personal item (like a laptop bag max) is included.

On 7th December, if you’ve to go to Iceland you’ve to pay 17999, but you can go to Los Angeles via Iceland for INR 10999. Crazy but true. Note that December is winter in most of Europe n US- not the best time to visit, so use your discretion. Also check if you have enough time to process visa for your destination, if you don’t already have one.

December being peak holiday season, if you're not from Delhi, don't come to me if your home town to Delhi flight proves to be more expensive than Delhi to USA flight on WOW Air!

Iceland Air bought out WOW Air recently, so their financial worries are kind of sorted out. Hopefully India operations will begin smooth and good.

One more thing- December 7th is the inaugural flight. Booking your ticket on an inaugural flight of a new route can be both highly rewarding and at times could be risky. Highly rewarding due to following reasons:
1. You will be the first few to experience this new airline/route and can use it to get some social media leverage or brownie point in your peer group
2. Launch flight will get lots of attention- from management, media etc. You may get some goodies bag, senior management may be present, you may get some media attention etc
3. Airline staff may be generous on various rules- like baggage weight limit on the first flight, upgrades etc

But there're risks as well.

  • Launch date is announced assuming so many things will fall in place just in time. For example in this particular case, WOW Air needs to get delivery of new planes- A330-900 to operate on Delhi- Iceland route. We don't know if it is on track or not.
  • Lots of regulatory approvals need to be secured before launch date
  • Lots of other preparations- such as recruitment and training, vendor agreements, infrastructure etc should be in place
If some of the above goes out of control- and say launch flight is delayed by a week to Dec 14. You've planned a 10 day trip with onward flight on Dec 7th and return on 17th on some other airline, if your 7th Dec flight doesn't operate your trip will be in jeopardy. WOW air will give refund or provide free reschedule but your plan goes for a toss. As of now there're no known issues and WOW Air is still accepting booking for 7th December, so we hope everything is on track.

There's no reward without risks, so I would say go ahead and book if everything else works for you. Just keep in mind the small possibility of above problems-Best wishes


  1. I am amazed how such low fares can sustain the airline. I have seen a few interviews and videos of WOW Air and the management seems quite confident of not making losses. This is a complete revolution in the way of air travel and it's awesome. :D

    1. Well, Iceand Air has now purchased WOW Air. LCCs often sell seats for a loss but hope to make profit with money passengers have to spend on baggage, meals etc. This particular case I feel it is desperate move to fill up the plane for its initial days (assuming not too many people have booked yet)-13499 was their earlier lowest fare.

  2. Great , Thanks a lot for details post.

  3. Be careful . This airline is in deep financial trouble.. High chances this might become the 4th big casualty after air Berlin, primera air and more recently joon

    1. Iceland air bought WOW air recently, so hopefully no immediate danger. Let us see how it goes. India flights will begin from tomorrow


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