Goa to London for INR 3000- Impossible but true

This is a tip off from Ajay Mirchandani. He alerted me to an unbelievably cheap flight from Goa in India to London Gatwick Airport in United Kingdom.

You can fly for just 30 pounds or INR 2900 approx. This fare is for one way, with food, inclusive of taxes but without baggage. Adding a 20kg bag will cost another 30 pounds. (try different dates, you might get it cheaper as well) Seat selection and various other add-ons are extra.

Is this for real?
Yes. Apparently this is not a regular commercial airline. The travel is via Thomas Cook, which operates chartered flights based on tourist demand. This particular flight is bringing lots of tourists to Goa from UK, who would have paid around 500 Pounds for the trip. On its way back, travel agency is selling seats for dirt cheap for whoever is ready to fly on designated dates.

If you're not from Goa you can reach Goa by a domestic flight or train..

Please note the following
You may be ready to pack your bag and fly, but UK Visa will take its own time- about 10-15 working days under normal scenario. Be sure you’ve required visa to fly.

What about return?
While you can reach UK for dirt cheap on above deal, return flight won’t necessarily be cheap. Some of your options are
1. Try WOW Air- they will be flying to New Delhi from London Gatwick via Iceland from December first week- if lucky you might be able to fly back to India for about 13500-20000 range
2. Fly back one way with any full service airline- Emirates, Jet Airways, Qatar etc- might cost you around 30000-35000 INR
3. Extend your trip to Europe with Ryanair or EasyJet low cost airlines- you will need Schengen visa- can return to India from Europe using low cost airlines like FlyDubai, Air Italy etc
4. Pay about 400 Pounds to Thomas Cook itself to fly you back with next batch of tourists,

If you’re dead serious, act fast.
Use this link to check and book. Check for one way- using return date won't show cheap fare.

search for one way flight from Goa (GOI) to LGW on 19th Nov (or other dates of your choice, fares may vary)


  1. Is there limitation of date? Means this month, year etc

    1. Yes, as of now only Nov 19th onward journey is this cheap- other trips cost about 12000 RS one way- fares are dynamic- you can check again in future.


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