Air Vistara Premium Economy Experience

I had written earlier about the complexity of One timeupgrade voucher Vistara often offers to its Club Vistara members. During a recent trip, I managed to use my upgrade voucher, which enabled me to travel in premium economy as against the economy ticket that was booked. Refer this earlier post to know more about the upgrade offer.

In this post I will share my premium economy experience with Air Vistara 
Premium economy passengers get priority boarding after business class passengers, if any. I could get to my seat early and relax. There were no one else in the entire row- there were 4 rows of premium economy, totaling 24 seats. During my flight there were about 8 passengers in Premium Economy, rest were all empty.
There was no welcome juice, but cabin crew served water, gave a wet towel to wipe our face and a menu card. Seat pocket had that day’s newspaper, probably left behind by previous flight passenger, so I spent a few moments going through the newspaper while other cattle class passengers (which includes me most of the time) took to their seats. Premium economy seating isn’t drastically different from economy- width is same, it is 3 abreast or 6 per row just like economy, but the leg room is a few cms more, seats recline a few cms more and you’re most likely to have an empty middle seat than economy, since less people book premium economy.

A curtain separates premium economy from business class in front and economy in the rear. There were no bulk heads. Premium economy passengers get to access an exclusive toilet in the front, meant for only business class and premium economy passengers.

No lounge access on the ground for premium economy passengers.

Upon take off, the food service started. I had to choose from 2 veg option and 1 non-veg option. I selected a veg option and got this. Pretty elaborate with curd, dessert, a piece of bun and salad. Got a cup of apple juice, as well as a cup of tea later. Food was tasty, I took my time to finish it while the cabin crew patiently waited to clear my plate. Vistara claims to sell Starbucks made coffee and tea- which obviously feels premium.
Still about 2 hours of flight time left. I decided to sleep off. I could have slept flat across the 3 premium economy seats in my row, but somehow felt that doesn’t suit a premium cabin passenger, hence slept in my seat in sitting position. Probably because I was tired and probably because the cabin was very peaceful, I slept super well all through the flight and woke up only when landing preparations announcements came up. Not sure if I missed any additional rounds of food service, but I doubt- it was about 2.5 hours flight, so there won’t be a second meals service anyway- but some light snacks was a possibility.
Got to deplane ahead of the cattle class, could sit comfortably in the bus. The bus was exclusive to Business and economy class passengers- there was no crowding of economy passengers and it took us to terminal quickly. I guess because it was late night aircraft was parked in a remote bay and didn’t use aerobridge.

Overall Air Vistara’s premium economy experience was a pleasant one. Do keep an eye on their fares- I have seen some instances where premium economy fare was cheaper than economy! But typically premium economy is about 30-40% more expensive than an economy seat. Try once a while if budget permits or you’d like to treat yourself a bit of luxury.


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