WOW Air India sale is back- INR 13499 onway to US, Europe, Canada

Yesterday middle of the night I received an email from WOW Air, announcing super cheap one way airfare of Rs 13499 from Delhi to different parts of the world, including far away Los Angeles or San Fransisco. For a moment I was like-what is this? They had this sale earlier, I have already made some bookings, they had increased fares thereafter, so what’s new in this mail? I ignored the mail and went about my daily activities.
Later in the evening I checked WOW Air website again. I realized that now they’ve reintroduced Rs 13499 one way fare for various destinations on select dates. Thus if you’ve missed your chance of booking ultra low fare tickets to Europe, USA and Canada on WOW Air, this is your second chance- act now and book.

But please know following things before booking:
  • WOW air is accepting bookings only between December 2018 and March 2019
  • WOW air is only flying to New Delhi in India- so if you’re from other cities you’ve to plan your city to Delhi and back separately
  • WOW air’s lowest fare tickets do not include any hand bag, check-in bag or meals. (one personal item- like a laptop bag is free) Everything costs extra. Adding a bag and 3-4 meals could cost about INR 10000+ on a round trip ticket.
  • WOW air doesn’t have greatest of the reviews- their hub in Iceland is known for its bad weather which often disrupts flights and airline’s low cost structure and cramped seats and expensive in-flight purchase gets many bad reviews online. But they get you to your destination.
My guess is not enough sales are happening on ex-India flight. A round trip to US/Canada for Rs 27000 was tempting, but once they increased the price last time, the value proposition was lost. I wouldn’t pay 40-45k for a low cost return ticket (20-23k oneway approx. once they started increasing the fares). Savings are disproportionate to the value. It makes more sense to pay 50-55k to a full service airline like Qatar/Etihad or Emirates and fly with comfort, food and bag allowance. Naturally WOW Air couldn’t fill enough seats once they withdraw ultra cheap 13499 fares. So now I think they have re-introduced the reduced fare, but only for select dates and flights where load factor is low. Need to see for how long this fare lasts.

I am happy that they've retained the price in INR at 13499 despite rupee losing valuation and fuel getting expensive.

One of my flights were cancelled, the support was reasonably quick to re-book on an earlier flight.

Irrespective of that, if you’re based in Delhi and would like to avail this reintroduced low fare, you should book now. Be advised that lowest fare tickets are non refundable (unless you pay Rs 2000 extra) and has other terms and conditions you should be fully aware of.

There’s no mention of extending India operations. WOW Air still isn’t accepting booking beyond March 2019. I feel they are still debating if they should commit to India operations once summer begins in Europe or deploy the A330-900 elsewhere more profitable.

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