Air Asia Big Sale- Not tempting enough

Air Asia is currently running a big sale- however I am a bit disappointed after I checked a few random fares.
Chennai-Osaka lowest I had seen was 16k return. Anything around 20k would have been great. But this time I could only see about 25000 INR for a return ticket. Reasonable if you’re very keen to go to Japan but not cheap enough (I’ve seen 32k on Srilankan with food and baggage for Chennai- Tokyo Narita return). Given that the sale is long term- valid for travel till November 2019, I was expecting a more discounted fare. 

Similarly Chennai-Odissa, Chennai-Seoul and various other destinations are priced much higher than the lowest fare I had seen. So I don’t have a motivation to book on this sale- will wait for a better sale with cheaper fares. However do check for origin-destination and dates you have in mind- you might find something cheaper or reasonable that you might want to travel.

Check this post for some of the lowest fares I have seen on Air Asia

Also to be considered the fact that due to increasing fuel prices and loss of currency value the earlier lowest fares may not always be viable now. So a 10-15% deviation from previously known lowest fare should be ok. On second thoughts- the lowest fare seats are often sold for a loss anyway- their purpose is to get some publicity, excite people and bring more passengers who may book at higher prices- so may be we should wait for next sale with even lower fares- your call.

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