Malindo Air Bengaluru flights to begin Dec 21

You're reading it first on Airline Blog. Malindo Air, Malaysia based airline is all set to begin Bengaluru flights from December 21, 2017, 2 times a week.
Malindo Air will operate BLR-KUL flights and thereby offering connectivity to close to 100 destinations in South East Asia

Bengaluru people can now fly to most of South East Asia at affordable prices and luxury. Current frequency is only two times a week- Sunday and Thursday- I am sure this will increase in future as demand grows.

I recently flew Malindo Air to Bali and here's why you should be excited about Malindo Air
1. Flight ticket cost includes 25kg baggage and meals. With other low cost airlines like Air Asia ticket price may be cheaper a bit but if you are to add meals and baggage it could reach same amount as Malindo or more.

2. Extra Leg room:
Malindo mostly operates B737-800 or 737-900 and their seats in economy have more leg room compared to economy seats of rivals who mainly operate A320 for short distances

3. Business Class Seats
Malindo  has 3 rows of business class seats. If you're eligible or if you'd like some luxury you can buy business class. Competition usually does't offer business class in A320 (only in long haul lights air asia has flatbed

4. In flight entertainment
Malindo flights offer inflight entertainment. Most budget airlines don't have this option. This means you can keep the kids busy or even for yourself, never get bored of flying

5. Wi Fi
Select Malindo flights will have inflight WiFi (Chargeable, like 10.5 USD/hour). This is great option if you've some urgent work to finish or need connectivity on the fly.

6. Transit through KLIA1
KLIA1 is more fun to spend time in than low cost KLIA2. Check this post about KLIA Jungle Board walk
7 USB charging
In flight entertainment system comes with a USB charger- boom to power up your phone, powerbank etc so that you're ready to roll upon landing

Malindo Air Connectivity from Bengaluru
From BLR, Malindo will offer connectivity to over 50 destinations

Key destinations  (Indicative only)
Wait for their sale for cheapest price. Chennai- Bali lowest I've seen in INR 15000. BLR-Bali could be a thousand or two more, as airport fee is higher in Bengaluru. This is real good deal, particularly considering it includes baggage and food. (Air Asia has lowest fare during sale of 10300 for Chennai Bali, but if you had 20kg baggage and meal it exceeds 15k)

Current pricing:
BLR- Kuala Lumpur return ticket: 13k
BLR- Hanoi (Vietnam) return ticket: 18k
Not seeing any deep discount or launch offer at present. But wait till next sale for much cheaper price)
Keep an eye on for details. Sign up for their frequent flyer program for regular updates.
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