New dedicated blog for air travel and airline industry

Happy to announce a new blog dedicated to airlines and air travel. So far I have been blogging airline related news in my primary blog, Recently Lakshmi Sharath suggested on one of my FB posts that I should start an airline blog. When I thought seriously about it, I felt that there's definitely a need, purpose and potential for such as blog. Because there's no dedicated airline/air travel only blogs in India-only regular travel bloggers double up to cover airline news. I am following this industry very closely and am in a position to provide some additional analysis, insights and reviews to add value. Thus the decision was taken to launch this blog. With your support and encouragement, I hope to make this blog successful.

What kind of posts you can expect from airlineblog?
  1. Airline/Airport/Air Travel news- New destinations by airlines, new partnerships, visa related, major announcements that are relevant/useful to air travelers
  2. Airfare deals and analysis- latest deals/discounts, if they are really worth?
  3. Tips and tricks- Reaching airport at minimum cost, saving while booking/traveling, making most of transit times
  4. Experience, reviews and feedback: First-hand experience accounts and reviews of airlines, airports etc
  5. Other air travel/airport/airline related topics
Your immediate benefits by following airlineblog?
1 More than just news: I promise to add additional analysis/insights often missed by mainstream media while publishing a news. For example, while everyone else may also announce Air India's Delhi-Copenhagen direct flight, I try to add more inputs such as how this direct flight is better/worse that other existing options, making most of your trip to Copenhagen and so on. Check this post.

2 Save on your bookings: While all airlines keep announcing sales every now and then, based on my experience so far in tracking air fares I can suggest if a particular deal is worth trying or it is a total waste of time and the fineprint.  Do check my blog when a sale is announced, you can save your precious time otherwise wasted on it or save some real money by booking at lower price.

3. Benefit from others first hand experiences, tips, to avoid mistakes or to make the most of your trip.

Why this new blog?
I feel there is a need for a dedicated airline/airtravel blog. Today there’re very few airline/air travel dedicated blogs- most of them focus on US. Hardly any exclusive airline/airtravel blogs in India. Mostly general travel bloggers double up for posting air travel related contents. I feel there’s enough content and market in this niche- only any day there’re some new announcements by airlines, some deals, new destinations and other matters of interest which are of use/interest to potential flyers. My other blog, covers wide range of topics including travel, auto, reviews and so on. I felt it is better to have a separate dedicated blog for Airline Industry.

How you can help
  • Read, comment and subscribe- primary motive for me to keep writing
  • Link please: As this is a new blog, any link back I can get from your blogs and websites would definitely be appreciated.
  • Please help spread the word so that more people can benefit from the contents. When you find this blog or any blogpost useful, do share on your social media channels, so that more and more people can possibly benefit from it.
  • Contribute
I welcome guest articles, provided it meets following conditions
-          Should be first hand experience, not content churned out sitting at home
-          Couple of original photos relevant to the topic is preferred
Some sample ideas
o   You got an upgrade to business class- how was the experience
o   An issue you had and how airline did or didn’t resolve it
o   Tips specific to airports/duty free shopping/airline sales etc (based on personal experience only)
o   Any other unique/personal experience
I may choose to edit guest posts if needed or if not deemed suitable may not use it at all. If published you will get a short bio with photo and a link to your website/blog. If you’re making a complaint/accusation then related evidence will be needed.

Your suggestions and feedback are much awaited. Any particular suggestions, feedback, critics please comment or let me know through other channels.

Welcome to my new blog and wish me luck.


  1. Congratulations on your new baby. Yes there was a need & of course you are the best person to speak on this niche. But I always thought you'd open an auto blog since that's your favourite area as well.

    1. Thanks Nisha for your support. Automobile there're already lots of blogs. Plus very difficult to manage by single person with full time job.

  2. Congrats Srinidhi. I'd love to contribute when I can

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