Indigo sale on! A spicejet copycat?

Spicejet announced their Mega Monsoon sale on 28th June morning (Check my previous post for details) By same day evening, rival Indigo has rolled out a sale as well. But as I checked Indigo site for the fares, below are what I found
1. Indigo sale and travel period is exactly matching Spicejet sale & travel period
2. Indigo fares are aimed to match Spicejet sale fare on sectors both airlines compete
3. On sectors Indigo doesn't compete with Spicejet- No discount (Example Chennai-Indore- Indigo has a direct flight but not Spicejet. No discount for this sector)
Convenience fee and tax not included in above- check final amount before paying

The good thing about Indigo Sale
1) Indigo website provides a full list of lowest fares by sector. This makes it easy to decide if the fares you're getting for a particular date is lowest or not. On spicejet website multiple attempts are needed to arrive at this conclusion

2) It is good to have a competition and more options. Spicejet may be cheap but say flight timing is not convenient- you can try in Indigo if similar priced tickets are available for a timing suitable to you.

Should I book?
These are reasonable fares, not dirt cheap. For most short distance flights, the fares are similar to what an AC bus would cost between the two cities. So might be lot convenient and time saving to just fly in and reach your destination in an hour or so, than spending whole night in a bus. If you find fares closer to the minimum  fare advertised and if the date and time are suitable to you, go ahead and book. Beware of cancellation terms and long lock in period.

Best wishes.

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