Lufthansa gives full refund in case of Visa Reject

Visa rejection itself is a disappointment after paying 11-12k in Visa fees and tons of documents. Losing another 40-70k in ticket money for no fault of ours is an even bigger loss. Lufthansa’s policy needs to be appreciated in this matter.

This is the story of a friend, who had applied for a Schengen visa but the visa got rejected. He had already booked an India-Europe ticket on Lufthansa costing over 40k, the cheapest, non refundable ticket but due to visa rejection he was about to lose all the money.

However, having a word with customer care, he learnt that he can apply for a refund. While Lufthansa is not legally required to refund non-refundable tickets for customers whose visa is rejected, they do so as an act of goodwill. Refer Lufthansa policy documentation here.

After sending an email along with a visa rejection letter copy, he got a refund in about 15 days.

This is good news and useful information. If you spot a cheap ticket but fear not getting a visa, you can book without fear on Lufthansa or Swiss Air. Indeed a good gesture by Lufthansa. Lufthansa could have pocketed 40k but would have lost trust of a customer, his friends & family and would have lost future business. Now my friend will book Lufthansa with preference next time.

Here is a link to Lufthansa policy which permits refunds in case of visa rejection. 

Not very sure if other airlines like Air France KLM or middle east carriers like Qatar, Emirates or Etihad do the same-I couldn’t find anything assuring on their websites.  Are you aware of any other airlines giving full refund if visa is rejected?

My travel on Lufthansa and SwissAir to Europe and back was fine. Flights were on time (almost) and service was standard. I will write separate posts about my travel experience.

If airline refuses to refund, your options are usually limited

  • You can try to get the tickets rescheduled to a future date and apply for a fresh visa or appeal

  • If the airline makes some changes to your schedule or cancels some of the flights, you may be eligible for refund- hope it happens

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  1. Was the refund in credit card or bank account. I’m in similar situation but I made payment through credit card they had asked me to wait for 20 days..

    1. same situation! you talked with airlines on email or call ?

  2. I have not received refund even after 7 months after refund application is accepted. Can anyone help how to go about refund reminder or should take legal route ?

  3. What was the email that you sent your visa rejection letter to?

  4. Thank you so much for writing this article. I am facing the exact same situation and was in fear of losing my money. I got in touch with them and they requested me to write an email with the rejection letter.

    1. Did You get the refund in same situation but I have just received rs9401 my total ticket cost was rs123798

    2. My friend got full ticket amount refund

    3. Can you share the email id to which email needs to be sent

  5. Hi
    I got rejection mail
    That my canada visa is invalid

    Can I get refund


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