Vietnam ticket 0 INR + tax, INR 10600 return!

Vietjet has sweetened  India Vietnam ticket even further. I had written earlier about Mumbai-Phu Quoc, Delhi Hanoi etc tickets being available for about 15000 INR. I had booked one as well for self and got few more friends to book them.

VietJet has reduced the rates further. As you can see in below screenshots, the price for economy ticket has been reduced to Zero. But that doesn't mean you will be flying for free. There is a tax component ranging between 60 to 75 USD, which takes one way price to 5500 to 6000 INR, return ticket costing around 10600 to 12000 INR.

I am not sure why Vietjet reduced fare further.  Most likely their plane is still empty so they are trying to get some people to book even at no cost. Airline will make some more money selling bags, meals and other services. It could also be that airline is desperate for some money and hence trying to sell as much ticket as possible to ensure some cash flows in.

I lost about 4500 INR booking this ticket in May. If you are still thinking, may be it is time to book. We need to hope that nothing goes wrong between now and your travel date.

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