Bengaluru-Colombo return ticket for just 12675 INR! (Srilankan)

Srilanka is accepting Indian tourists and Bengaluru-Colombo return ticket is available on Srilankan for just INR 12675, all inclusive. This is mouth watering fare, almost matching with pre-pandemic levels.

If you are serious about visiting Srilanka or doing some international trip this year, you can give it  a try. Check on

While Srilanka is accepting Indian tourists, exact rules are still not clear. Doesn't look like we can just fly in, take some budget hotel and use public transport. Govt wants tourists to stay in luxury hotels, travel in taxi and get tested couple of times during their stay. Not clear what is the process if result comes positive.

We might get clarity on these soon as few people start traveling.

Chennai Colombo return is about a thousand rupees more expensive, still reasonable.

Srilankan fare includes baggage and light snacks as they are a full service airline. But the rates are not flexi fares- rescheduling can cost you dearly.

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