Fly to Maldives-direct flight more expensive than 1 stop

I was checking prices for Maldives. From Bengaluru, 1 stop flights cost about 14-15k return. Spicejet via Kochi and GoAir via Mumbai. 

Naturally next instinct was to check if it is cheaper to fly from Mumbai or Kochi instead. Surprisingly the direct flights cost more than one stop flight for same day.

Goair charges 6k more if you are flying 5 hours lesser and Spicejet charges 2.5 k more if you are flying from COK instead of BLR-via COK.

Clearly airline pricing is a game of demand and supply and competition, not a function of fuel cost or other sensible parameters. Driving factor here is Indigo having a 15k ticket from BLR to Male direct. So spicejet and GoAir are trying to beat it, by offering lesser fare for their one stop flights to Maldives from Bengaluru..

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