Spicejet planning to fly to Manila & Europe

 As I was scouting through, I spotted a few airports listed on Spicejet website, which were unusual

  • Manila, capital of Philippines is one of them.
  • Seoul (ICN)
  • Amsterdam
  • MED (Saudi Arabia)
  • Mattala (Srilanka)
  • BGY Italy
  • Kuwait
  • Moscow
  • ZAG (Croatia)
  • Georgia

Spicejet's London plans were known. Spicejet hoping to become preferred long haul low cost carrier..

Obviously spicejet isn't flying international at present and even before covid their international flights were limited to Colombo, Dhaka and few nearby destinations. I thought these may be their code share plans- but by that logic they can sell to almost any airport in the world. May be it is their expansion plans which were work in progress before covid restrictions kicked in.

Let us hope covid pains ease soon and Spicejet is able to resume their international flights soon.

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