Srilankan flights to Nairobi, Kenya

Srilankan airlines has started flight from Colombo to Nairobi, Kenya. Srilankan flies to Seychelles already so Nairobi is second African destination for the airline.

However, when I checked I noted the following

- Colombo to Nairobi return ticket costs about 85000 INR or 213000 LKR. Indians might be able to fly there cheaper via Kenya Airways flight to Mumbai

- I couldn't see connecting flights from India yet. There is India to Srilanka air bubble arrangement, but I guess that doesn't qualify Indians to use Colombo as transit and go elsewhere.

- Once regular commercial flights resume in India (don't know when), need to see how Kochi-Nairobi or Mumbai Nairobi fares look like. For Mumbai-Seychelles, Srilankan used to keep a competitive fare to match Air Seychelles.

I am yet to visit African continent. Don't know yet if 2021 will facilitate that.

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