Cheap Flight to New Zealand-53k return-October-November 2019

If New Zealand is on your mind, you might want to check this.

A typical return ticket to New Zealand, on popular airlines like Singapore Airlines and SQ+ Air New Zealand combined, typically costs around 70k to 90k or more from various Indian cities.

However, I have spotted a bit cheaper return ticket, costing around 53k-55k INR for October-November 2019.

These are two stop flights on Cathay Pacific, with Qantas operating the Australia- New Zealand sector.

Chennai-Wellington on Singapore Airlines/Air New Zealand for 53k, October 2019

Chennai-Auckland return for 55k, November 2019
I checked for Chennai, Kolkata and few cities. You can check for more dates and cities. Available for early 2020 also if you can't travel immediately.

Kolkata-Wellington 55k Return- November 2019
 Chennai-Wellington 54k, November 2019
The catch: These low prices seem to be on 3rd party websites. Seems genuine but do exercise caution. When I checked on Cathay and Air New Zealand website for same dates, prices were much higher.

Last year I had flown to New Zealand for mere 23k on Air Asia. That was without meals and baggage and a non refundable ticket booked an year+ in advance. But now Air Asia has stopped flying to Auckland. No other low cost carrier flies to Auckland from Asia.

Given the current circumstances, 53-55k return ticket on full service airline is not bad, considering travel date is just a few months away and price includes bags, meals, entertainment etc and the airlines involved- Cathay Pacific, Qantas or Singapore Air/Air New Zealand are pretty reputed as well. So if you are thinking of visiting New Zealand, plan and book now. It will be 2 stop flight in most cases- if you are lucky you might find a one stop flight to Auckland via Singapore or Malaysia.

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  1. That's such a cheap deal! I think it's good to look for tickets 3-4 months in advance.

    1. yes, if you are flexible with dates you will get good deals often.


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