Malindo wants to fly Subang-Seletar Singapore

I read a news this week that Malindo Air wants to fly to Seletar, Singapore.

Most of us know only one airport in Singapore- Changi (airport code SIN). This is where almost every flight in and out of Singapore operates from.  Thanks to above news, I learnt that there's a second active airport in Singapore, known as Seletar.  (Airport code: XSP)
The news is that Malindo air is looking to fly to Seletar airport in Singapore.

Why? What would be the advantage of flying to Seletar airport instead of Changi?
1. Less airport fees- cheaper flight tickets: Seletar will probably charge lot less in airport fees and other charges compared to Changi, which is more popular, in demand and space/capacity constrained. Thus Malindo will be able to take passengers to and from Singapore cheaper.

2. Move in and out of airport quicker:
Changi is huge while Seletar is a much smaller airport- less walking, less crowd, less waiting- so passengers can move in and out lot quicker.

Right Now Firefly (FY) is the only airline operating from Seletar airport-they operate some 6-7 daily flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Malindo is looking to fly to Seletar from Subang airport  (Airport code: SZB) in Malaysia- Subang was Malaysia's main airport before the much bigger KLIA 1 and 2 came into being. Read more here.

Kuala Lumpur-Singapore route is like a bit too long to drive and too short to fly. For a 45 minutes flight, you will end up spending 3-4 hours at the airport before and after the flight, while road travel can take about 6-7 hours. Flight between two less popular airports can possibly cut down that airport time- arrive like one hour before the flight, walk out within 10-15 mins, total trip taking less than 2-2.5 hours. Operating flights to these airports won't help connecting passengers, but I am sure there'll be enough takers to fill up the small turbo prop.
Seletar airport is about half an hour away from Changi.

Let us see when the newer flights to Seletar takes off! Seletar is not yet getting listed on Malindo website, so we need to wait and watch.

Seletar airport official website


  1. one thing worth mentioning is that from seletar to changi its a half an hour bus ride incase anyone wants to fly out of changi.,+Changi+Airport+Singapore+(SIN),+Singapore/Seletar+Airport,+Singapore/@1.3538225,103.9782027,7150m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x31da17d693d0cde3:0xd6d6dd5e414e4503!2m2!1d103.9915308!2d1.3644202!1m5!1m1!1s0x31da15cc30f720dd:0x3ee5cd5f57f5f424!2m2!1d103.872879!2d1.413597!3e3


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