Spicejet 1.75Rs/km fare + .75/km Rs convenience fee sale

Spicejet has given a full page ad in Today's Times of India advertising their 1.75 Rs / km sale (domestic). Naturally sounds tempting, but I did some checks and below are my findings

Cheap fares available for select destinations such as
Chennai-Kochi 1100 one way
Chennai-Goa -2100 one way
Chennai Bengaluru INR 899 one way etc, for travel till Sep 2019

However, return ticket won't be equally cheap- while Chennai-BLR is 899, BLR-Chennai will be like 1300 or 1400, making total round trip to 2200+ Convenience fee

While the ad claims their fares are cheaper than bus, train, auto, convenience fee is cleverly forgotten. A convenience fee of Rs 250 one way for domestic sector means you will be paying as high as 0.75 to 1 Rs per km as convenience fee.

I tried to check if there're any deals tempting enough- couldn't find anything super cheap. If you have some destinations to where Spicejet has direct flight from your city, you may try- if lucky you will find fares cheaper than normal.

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