Flew in or out of Delhi recently? Claim excess UDF money back!

UDF or User Development Fee has been reduced in Delhi Airport. Domestic passengers earlier had to pay between Rs 275 to 550, now have to pay just Rs 12. International passengers were charged between 635 to 1270, now only 54. If you’d booked your flight tickets out of Delhi before 7th July you’re eligible to claim the refund. Domestic passengers have 45 days to claim refund, international passengers get 2 months.
How to UDF claim refund?
If you’ve booked on your own, then contact airline call centre. If you’ve booked through travel agent, refund should be sought through them.

If you’ve booked your tickets at earlier higher UDF fee but not yet traveled, airlines should automatically process the difference amount. However, no harm calling them and checking.

This is applicable to both inbound and outbound passengers.

If you've claimed UDF refund, let us know how the process went.


  1. we had booked through Travel Boutique online on Malaysian Airlines but now agency claims that we need to get in touch with airline directly!!! such a pain!! Airline says get it through agent

    1. hmm. Always more convenient to book direct with airline


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